Experience Mobility Like Never Before

Universal building navigation through technology

Accessibuild is a building navigation system intended to empower all visitors (including the visually-impaired) by helping them navigate indoor environments. To accomplish this, we use building information models (BIM), which can be configured to provide custom experiences and flexibility for users with a variety of needs and abilities.

Accessibuild is designed with care for different user needs. We open doors for differently abled people.

Universal access to buildings is a social problem that affects many people with various needs. Our cost-effective solution makes it easy for building owners and businesses to create an accessible experience for all visitors to their locations.

Our goal is to create a pleasurable and intuitive experience for users with a variety of needs and education levels. We believe we are well on our way to achieving this user experience. User feedback is continually incorporated into updates and new designs.

No cost for users

No internet plan required

Low cost for building owners

Inclusive Design

Accessibuild is designed to meet the needs of a variety of users from visually-impaired persons to wheelchair users.


All of our installations are done by certified professionals and will be thoroughly tested after each building model is created.


We work with not-for-profits to ensure that users get the help they need if they encounter any difficulties using our applications. Support is generally free, but users may incur a cost for special requests.

We believe it is important to collaborate with and support all stakeholders. This is why we connect with potential partners and provide funding so that they can support their members and provide their own training programs.

How it Works

The application works by using accurate 3D Building Information Models (BIM) generated with the latest architectural technology. The model can then be loaded into the Accessibuild app on the user's mobile device (Android and iOS) along with the rest of their existing building models.

Users can then use the application to navigate the building and find points of interest according to their personal needs and preferences.

For Building Owners

Being a successful building owner requires a sound understanding of your tenants' needs, and the needs of their clients. The daily interaction within the confines of a building can greatly affect the the atmosphere of the business, the success of your tenants, and ultimately the retention of business in the building.

One aspect of this success is to make your building as accessible as possible to all members of society. Not only is it socially responsible, but it can have economic benefits as well. Those who are visually-impaired are often overlooked.

Accessibuild is a cost-effective solution to this issue. The Accessibuild System helps visually-impaired people access all public areas of your building without assistance. Providing this service to visitors who may need it allows for more inclusion, better dynamics, and a more socially-conscious building environment.

About Us

Accessibuild was developed by Y4U Technologies Inc., which develops sustainable technologies that can be used to solve societal problems efficiently and effectively. Our out-of-the-box approach to technological development minimizes resource usage while providing high value to users at an affordable cost.

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